There exists much confusion regarding routine medical supplies in the HHA industry. The PPS rule states that the cost of routine medical supplies is bundled into the HHA’s PPS reimbursement. As such, HHA’s may not bill separately for routine supplies. Routine supplies are “supplies that are customarily used in small quantities during the course of most home care visits. Routine supplies would not include supplies specifically ordered by the physician or are essential to HHA personnel in order to effectuate the plan of care.”

Examples of supplies which are usually considered routine medical, but are not limited to:

A) Dressings and Skin Care
B) Infection Control Protection
C) Blood Drawing Supplies
D) Incontinence Supplies

If the above items are required in quantity, for a recurring need, these supplies may be considered non-routine and this may be a billable supply. This should be confirmed with your local Intermediary prior to billing.

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