New Enrollment Rules

Good Morning MFS Bloggers,

The new Medicare provider enrollment revalidation effort does not change other aspects of the enrollment process. Providers should continue to submit routine changes (address updates, reassignments, additions to practices, changes in authorized officials, information updates, etc) – as they always have. If you also receive a request for revalidation, respond separately to that request.
All providers and suppliers who enrolled in the Medicare program prior to 03/25/2011 will have their enrollment revalidated under new risk screening criteria. DO NOT send in revalidated enrollment forms until you are notified by Medicare. You will receive a notice to revalidate between now and March, 2013.

Medicare requires at the time of enrollment, enrollment change request or revalidation, providers that expect to receive payment from Medicare for services provided must also agree to receive Medicare payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT). As part of the revalidation efforts, all providers who are not currently receiving EFT payments will be identified, and required to submit the CMS-588EFT form with the provider revalidation application.

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