Home Health Change of Information 855A Applications

Good Morning MFS Bloggers, With the new arsenal of overpayment weapons PGBA is utilizing to sanction providers for failing to notify them of changes within their organization, I thought this was a good time to post a blog regarding the Change of Information (COI) issue.

Home Health Providers are required to use the CMS 855A Provider/Supplier Enrollment Application for notifying Medicare of changes of information. Providers must notify the Medicare contractor of any changes to the information contained in the application within 90 days of the effective date of the change except for Change of Addresses which must be made within 30 days.

All provider changes must be signed by the authorized representative or a delegated official for the facility. The authorized representative is an appointed official to whom the provider has granted legal authority to enroll it in the Medicare program, to make changes and/or updates to the provider’s status in the Medicare program and to commit the provider to fully abide by the laws, regulations, and program instructions of Medicare. The authorized official must be the provider’s general partner, chairman of the board, chief financial officer, chief executive officer, president, direct owner of 5% or more of the provider.

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